AT, enrolled in the Register of Environmental Managers, works according to procedures suitable to the specific kind of intervention and by equipment and tools in compliance with removal systems pursuant to current legislation.

Firstly, the process of removal and disposal of asbestos roofing envisages an inspection of the area to detect possible critical conditions and to work out solutions involving as few environmental and personal safety risks as possible for our own workers who are properly trained and informed. A part of the old roofing is removed and sampled, when necessary, to detect possible asbestos fibres.

Then, relevant local health-care bodies are contacted to submit the operating procedures of the intervention by a specific "Work Plan" to gain authorisation for implementation. During the intervention implementation, carried out by our staff, constantly trained and informed about all the involved risks, and properly protected to preserve their physical integrity, our Company proceeds competently and carefully, handling the roofing cautiously and accurately avoiding risks of falling or smashing.

In order to safeguard people and the surrounding environment, surveys of airborne asbestos fibre concentration are carried out by specific measurement tools provided by our Company.

Once removal has been completed, the material is sent to a dump authorised to store and dispose of waste. The procedure, in full compliance with the legislative process, ends with a notification of the occurred disposal to the relevant Local Health Authority, issuing copy of the forms both to the Authority and to the Client.

The danger is real, serious, lethal and its resolution cannot be postponed. Getting rid of asbestos in compliance with legal requirements and procedures is a compulsory commitment towards ourselves, the environment and the society we live in.

AT is qualified to face all the problems linked with the management of building materials containing asbestos. The procedure starts from the radical removal of the roofing up to the over-roofing, making pre-existing sheets inert, and leading to the construction of new roofing, by appropriate solutions, according to the features selected by the Client. The technical staff will provide for fulfilling the procedures and the obligations subject to the regulations of the whole implementation process.

The staff own standard licences issued by the relevant Authority which qualifies them to execute all the intervention stages; they are supplied with equipment and protective clothing, and provide for a perfect intervention outcome, using suitable hoisting equipment undergoing constant, regular checks to verify their correct use.